First United Methodist Church
Sunday, May 24, 2015





      We are looking for Crafters and Vendors to join us Saturday August 8th for a Craft/Vendor Festival in the Church parking lot. It is important that we contact Crafters and Vendors early so they can reserve our date.


     We all know Crafters and Vendors who go to these fairs all the time.

We need to get them to come to our event and now is the time to contact them and commit to our date. Please tell people you may know about this event and let them know that they can sign up for a spot. Forms will be available in the Church office or they can contact Don Raab (603-332-3172).


     Members of the Church are also encourage to reserve a spot. Many of you are crafters or sell products and I encourage you to consider joining us. All proceeds from this event will go to the General Fund of the Church.




The Casserole Committee is looking for some new members. We take turns bringing a meal to members who have had surgery or other medical & health issues. The meal can be very simple. What matters the most is that we are helping them out during a difficult time. In addition we are showing them that we truly care!

If you would like to become part of this group or have any questions, please talk to Dottie Longo or Diane Marzoli in church or give us a call.

Diane Marzoli  (603) 332-1766                           Dottie Longo (603) 664-5552



Mark your calendars for

 Trustee’s annual  Church Clean-up

Church clean up is scheduled for May 9 from 8-1.

Everyone’s help is needed. 



The Couples Social Network will be meeting on Saturday, May 9th at 6:00 PM, for a pot-luck supper and an evening of fellowship gathering.  Please note the change in date (due to the FUMC Spring Fair on the 2nd). For more information, please contact Donna Downes. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the Welcome Center.


The Granite State Choral Society will present a concert with the Strafford Wind Symphony, at the Rochester Opera House on Friday, May 15th at 7:00 PM. Tickets are available at the Rochester Opera House box office, 603-335-1992, or online at  For more information please contact Donna Downes.





Zumba:  Start the new year off with a little Latin dancing.   Join us every Saturday from 8:00 am—9:00 am for fun, fellowship and exercise.


Church office phone




With the arrival of the season of new life, also come new opportunities to serve.  If you have never been a LITURGIST, but wanted to give it a try, NOW is the time.  We welcome the fresh perspective and variety each reader brings to the pulpit on Sunday mornings.  Of course, we always appreciate the contributions of those who sign up regularly, looking forward to their continued participation.  So, as we embark on the journey as Easter people, let’s share the joy of sharing His word with one another.


Sign-up sheets for 8:30 or 10:00 service  (your preference) are available in the Welcome Center.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call Jane Combs at 603-833-6402.  Thank you for your support.


Canned good donation on Communion Sunday’s

N.O.W. wants to remind you about our long standing program of bring a donated canned good for our food pantry, on Communion Sunday-the first Sunday of each month.  This program supports our church’s food pantry that we use on a daily/weekly basis as the need arises. 






Spring Fair is coming! May 2, 2015

Reminder for Spring Fair- items can be brought Sunday 4/26 through Thurs 4/30. 9am- 12pm & 5-8 pm.Yard sale items- gently used clothes for rummage sale, good usable furniture & household items are  ok for yard sale,plants & flowers are great for Mother's Day, Jewelry for Mom's Brides & Prom ! Games, Toys Music & videos and Books!! No magazines or National Georaphic, Please. Friday is for food & baked goods only! No other items will be accepted on Friday or Saturday. Sign-ups are in Welcome Center for help & food donations.



Coffee Hour

Fellowship & Hospitality is an important ministry at FUMC. Coffee hour is a time when we are called to practice that gift. It is an opportunity to welcome visitors and potential members of our congregation, as well as touch bases with friends, family, and neighbors.  Take time to greet a new face and watch for those who have not attended for awhile.

Another aspect of coffee hour is serving. This is a great way to get better acquainted with our church family. Hosts/Hostess are needed to prepare the tables and start the coffee and tea water as well as to serve each Sunday. Your participation is most welcome at whatever level you are comfortable. Home-baked cookies and almost any other treats are always appreciated.

We are continually blessed by those who sign up and share in this ministry of hospitality.  We extend a special thank you to each of you.  Volunteers may sign up on the poster on the bulletin board.

Remember that the treats can be quite simple. It is not our intention to provide "lunch" Simply share what you can easily afford, especially share the responsibility for extending hospitality to others.





All Women & Teen Girls

Are Invited to "A Day Apart for Women"

Sponsored by the United Methodist Women of Rochester

First UMC 34 South Main Street  May 16, 2015  9a.m. - 2 p.m.  There is no registration fee.  Just bring a salad, snack or dessert to share.  It will be a time of relaxation, nurturing, pampering and exploration for the mind, body and spirit with massage, spa, handcraft activities, meditation, presentations and displays, including a display of over 200 handcrafted Project Linus Blankets.  The day will begin with an optional Zumba activity at 8 a.m., welcome at 9 a.m., and opening worship in the chapel at 9:30 a.m.  There will be two presentation sessions before lunch and one presentation session before closing worship into the Sanctuary at 1:30 pm with activities and displays throughout the day in a variety of settings and abundant fellowship.

For information you may call Cindy Edgerly at 603-534-8346


Canned good donation on Communion Sunday’s

N.O.W. wants to remind you about our long standing program of bringing a donated canned good for our food pantry, on Communion Sunday-the first Sunday of each month.  This program supports our church’s food pantry that we use on a daily/weekly basis as the need arises.  Many of  us tend to forget about the Communion Sunday donation, so let’s all pull together and restock our food pantry and help in this simple mission. In addition, if you want to give a little bonus to this donation, please tape a QUARTER to the canned good.  Our food pantry can then use that quarter to purchase other needed supplies like a roll of paper towels, etc.  So beginning in March, bring in your canned-good and a taped quarter to it!  You will be able to find the food pantry bin outside the Sanctuary/Chapel on Communion Sunday’s. 



Brand new Bibles available for a suggested donation of $10.  These Bibles, with bonded leather covers of different styles, and available in regular or large print, are good quality and are printed in a new literal translation endorsed by the United Methodist Church called the Common English Bible.  It is an easy to read and easy to understand translation, suitable for readers from the youngest to the oldest. Bibles will be on display in the welcome center outside the church office on Sunday mornings and during weekday office hours. 




Greetings from the Staff/Pastor-Parish Relations Committee (aka SPPRC)!

If you ask around, you may not have a clear answer as to what this committee does.  You may hear “they hire & manage the staff”, “they manage complaints”, or “I don’t know!”, but we are much more than that!

Who are we?

We are you! We are members of this church, serving as the connection between the congregation, our pastor, our staff, and our district superintendent.  We serve on three-year terms and our members vary in age, gender, and experience in our church and even the Methodist church.

Current members of the committee are: Gail Burns, Jane Combs, Charlie Karcher, Kent Marzoli, Jon Pyrich, Judy Saddler, Dennis Schafer, and Richard Wachter.

What do we do?

A major part of our role is to ensure that the pastor and staff are equipped and supported to serve God faithfully through the ministry of this church.  We set goals, evaluate performance and hold each other accountable.  Due to the personal and sensitive nature, the discussions of issues within the committee are held with the strictest confidence.

In addition to supporting our pastor and staff, the SPPRC is involved in developing and promoting the vision and mission for the church.  This is an area where we need to continue to improve, so that everyone knows why we are here and we have a shared purpose and goals.

What is next for us?

Pastor Jeff has asked that we set up cottage meetings.  This will be a great opportunity for our church family to gather together in small groups, get to know Jeff better, and share your joys, concerns and suggestions related to the ministry of our church.

If you are interested in hosting a cottage meeting, whether it meets at your home, at the church, or somewhere in the community, please reach out to Jeff or any member of the committee.  Our goal is to gather 12 hosts, meeting at various times and places.  Once we have the hosts and times, we will have a sign-up sheet available in the Welcome Center so that all may be able to participate.

If you would like to know more about SPPRC or have an interest in serving, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Jon Pyrich
Chair, SPPRC



N.O.W. (Missions) News for May

Welcome to May.  The Committee of Missions is now known as N.O.W. (Nurture, Outreach, and Witness). 

Canned good donation on Communion Sunday’s (edited from last month)

N.O.W. wants to remind you about our long standing program of bring a donated canned good for our food pantry, on Communion Sunday-the first Sunday of each month.  This program supports our church’s food pantry that we use on a daily/weekly basis as the need arises.  In addition, if you could, please tape a QUARTER to the canned good.  That quarter will be used by the church kitchen to purchase other needed supplies like a roll of paper towels, gloves, etc.  In May, bring in your canned-good and a taped quarter to it!  The food pantry bin will be outside the Sanctuary/Chapel on Communion Sunday. 

Mission of the Month

In May, we want to recognize  SIP and SHARE  for all their hard work and love to us. They have touched so many lives throughout the years.  We want to give back to them a fraction of the love they have shown.  So for May we want to collect note cards and books of stamps that will help them continue this important ministry.  The next time you are at the store or post office grab a book of stamps or cards.  Look for a decorated shoe box in The Welcome Center to drop them off. 

Outreach Sunday

On May 31st all the FUMC committees will gather together in Hurd Hall and give you an opportunity to see what we do.  Come visit each of our tables to learn more about FUMC and see if you might want to become a member, or join one of our committees.

Respectfully submitted,

Kelly Hearn

N.O.W. Co-Chair




Church Directory 


Photos: Everyone is welcome to submit their own favorite picture (with their name(s) of individuals in the picture clearly on back) OR sent by Email as an attachment to Marguerite at the church.