First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Bulletin & Announcements

Bulletin & Announcements:






Soup Kitchen needs:

There are many items that are in short supply and/or go quickly. Following is a list of items that are needed: mayonnaise, napkins, canned veggies, canned fruits, canned tomato sauce, tuna fish, canned pasta w/sauces.  Any little bit helps us “Feed the Need”


"Bridging The Gap"

The Finance Committee met recently to review the Gap that exists between the expenditures and giving within the church.  Through May we have a GAP of $16,000.  We are able to pay our bills and our staff but our apportionment's to Conference is where we are severely behind.  With the Summer months upon us we are concerned that this gap may widen.  We have come up with a "Bridging the Gap" campaign and pray many of you would participate.  The price of a lunch out during the week is about $7.50 (even more if you Supersize it!).  If we had 150 members save one day of their lunch money to go to the church for the next 26 weeks, in addition to keeping up with their pledge we would be able to "Bridge the Gap" and raise over $29,000 for the general  budget.  The Finance Committee not only voted for this but also gave a 100% commitment to participate in this need.  We all understand the $7.50 may be too much of a strain on some....but possibly $5 or $3 a week may be an option.  There would not be any commitment cards needed for this to would be between you and God.  We do ask that you designate any increase you may be able to give on your envelope.  Christ did amazing things with a couple loaves of bread and a few fish....He can still do amazing things with just a few dollars each week if we have FAITH!           


Coffee hour

Have you signed up to host a coffee hour for next year yet? Well, if you haven’t here is your chance. Don’t miss the opportunity to share in Fellowship. Stop by the bulletin board in the welcome center and sign-up to host coffee hour. Hosting is easy and simple.


Altar Flowers

Have you signed up for altar flowers?  Stop by the bulletin board in the welcome center and sign-up.  Altar guild will contact you on the specifics of the arrangement and what you would like printed in the bulletin.





Visiting Opportunities...They would love to see you!

Pat Bowen—Colonial Hill Nursing Home

Ruth Young—Colonial Hill Nursing Home

Eileen Parsell—Watson Fields

Carol Rawski—Riverside Nursing Home room 315

Norman Pierce—206 N. River Road Kirkwood Corners, Lee, NH

Vera Zajas - Riverside Nursing Home 3rd floor

Just drop in and bring a friendly smile to a friend!


Zumba Class

Saturday mornings from 8:45 am - 9:45 am, we'll meet in Hurd Hall to dance to the Latin rhythms of Zumba nation.  No experience required, just a willingness to move and have a great time.  Contact Kristen Sturtevant or Linda Smith with any questions.  Dress comfortably and get ready to dance!


Coffee Ministry

Each week at 10 a.m. on Wednesdays volunteers from our Missions team provide coffee and treats to those in need at Gerry’s Food Pantry.  They are always in looking for more volunteers. If interested in helping to “FEED THE NEED” through this ministry see Claude & Judy Saddler, Janice Lewis or Dan Saucier, Sr.