First United Methodist Church
Monday, February 24, 2020
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Future Gen

 Future Gen: Where faith and fun collide!
Future Gen learning communities are offered during the 10am service each Sunday. The first Sunday of the month we have the pre-k to 2nd grade students attend class and those in third and above have family worship time. Youth begin their morning in the family worship at 10:00am. After our children's message children and youth are invited to go participate in our Future Gen groups to learn about discipleship through a variety of engaging activities.
Grades Pre-K to 5th grade
Children in pre-k to 5th grade will learn about discipleship and one bible story or theme each month through a variety of engaging activities and methods. Activities such as storytelling, arts & crafts, games, cooking, drama, song, and community service will support them to learn about God's word in different ways personally meaningful to them.
Grades 6-12
Older youth enjoy time with each other as they relate God's word with today's culture. A variety of activities occur throughout the year including movie discussions and financial literacy to prepare them for life's future responsibilities.



FutureGen’s February topic was Jesus is Baptized.  The children learned all about how Jesus was baptized, what baptism is, and why it is so special to us.  We made candles, drew pictures of Jesus’ baptism, and played games to help us understand this special sacrament.


Alejandra, Charlotte, and Natalia wearing the prayer shawls they made in FutureGen.


The Garden of Gethsemane

He said, “Abba,[a] Father, for you all things are possible; remove this cup from me; yet, not what I want, but what you want.”  Mark 14:36


Staying faithful to God’s plan was not an easy thing for Jesus to do.  He knew he needed help from God, so he prayed in the garden the night before he was crucified.  His prayers helped him trust God, and that gave him strength to do what God had sent him to do.  We can also learn to trust God and find strength when we pray!


During the month of March, FutureGen will be studying the story of Jesus praying in the garden from Mark 14:32-38.  We will focus on ways we can pray as well as tools we can use to pray.  The children will also have opportunities to discuss why prayer is important and discover that we can pray just like Jesus did!