First United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Future Gen

 Future Gen: Where faith and fun collide!
Future Gen learning communities are offered during the service each Sunday. The first Sunday of the month we have worship together Sundays, when youth stay in worship with their families. Youth begin their morning in the family worship at 9:30am. After our children's message children and youth are invited to go participate in our Future Gen groups to learn about discipleship through a variety of engaging activities.
Grades Pre-K to 5th grade
Children in pre-k to 5th grade will learn about discipleship and one bible story or theme each month through a variety of engaging activities and methods. Activities such as storytelling, arts & crafts, games, cooking, drama, song, and community service will support them to learn about God's word in different ways personally meaningful to them.
Grades 6-12
Older youth enjoy time with each other as they relate God's word with today's culture. A variety of activities occur throughout the year including movie discussions and financial literacy to prepare them for life's future responsibilities.




Our PreK-6 group will be led by Kaitlin Ciccarello, Michelle Pyrich, and

Tammy Roberge. The 7-12 group will be led by Kris-
ten Sturtevant, Dan Saucier, and John Wilderman.

FutureGen will take place every Sunday except Communion Sundays

(the first Sunday of the month). On these Sundays, we invite the chil-
dren to join the rest of the congregation for worship. We hope you can

join us for the return of FutureGen!