First United Methodist Church
Thursday, July 28, 2016
FEED THE NEED Putting our faith into motion by feeding the body, mind and soul

10 Steps to Prayer

1.    Find a comfortable place where you won't be interrupted. Read several chapters of one of the Gospels:  Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. 


2.    Close your eyes: give thanks for three things.  Move toward God and away from self-sufficiency.

 3.    Ask God to bless and help three other people who you believe may need God's help today.  Move toward others and away from self-centeredness.

 4.    Ask God to forgive your sins and mistakes as you confess them; ask God to give you the strength to forgive.

 5.    Ask God to help one other person that you find hard to like. Ask for insight into that person's problems and how you may allow God's love to flow through you.

 6.    Ask to be sensitive today toward the needs of one person with whom you may share God's love by word and deed.

 7.    Ask for insight into your own personal problems.

 8.    Ask for help in achieving your personal goals.

 9.    Ask God to tell you the most important thing you need to do

 today in order to “seek first His kingdom.”

10.  Listen for three minutes for what God may say to you.

  Close with the Lord's Prayer










































































Prayer Chain

 Please remember to lift up those below in prayer daily and give thanksgiving for those requesting it:


Pray for: 


In Our Thoughts and Prayers

Med Tibbetts;

Chris Lotter;

Father Dan Sinibaldi;

Doreen Howard – birthday June 8th;

Family of Jack Lucier who passed May 29 after a long battle with cancer; Remember D-Day – June 6, 1944; Lynda Ward – back problems; Ben Combs & the Combs family; Vern & Jeanne French; Ray Keefe – healing; Janice Wolforth – continued prayers for healing; Elaine Mallaber – healing after procedure to install a pacemaker; Marian Veno – prayers for healing; David Hutchins – health issues; Ally – today she turns 31 – happy birthday; Merry – for family healing; Lisa Russell – will be having chemo & radiation for a new tumor; Maryjane O'Malley – to find housing soon; Elaine Menard who developed a retinal detachment last night; Hannah Heselton left for Uganda, Africa last night for 10 week mission trip.  She will be setting up a pre-school for children of unwed mothers.  Hannah id Dottie Longo's granddaughter; Cindy Simon – beginning lymphedema treatment for her arm;

Phil Bill who is recovering from a 2 way heart bypass; Peace in the world; Peace in our homes; For those struggling with addiction and their families; Blessings & thank you to all for your part in the Spring Fair; The family of Patrick Box; Maddie Demers & family – Maddie is 13 years old and was diagnosed with bone cancer; Ben Combs – progress & improvement – prayers are working!!; Marlene Guay – continued healing of shoulder from surgery; Greg who needs to find a new home; Merry – family issues; Devin Schafer for healing; Lynn Ricker who has bronchitis; Father Dan Sinibaldi; Jacob Correia – prayers for healing; Lynn Lowell to have her disability approved; Fort McMurray families – wildfire; World War II vets of Europe on VE Day; Celebration – Patrick Combs promoted to Sgt.; Eileen Foss – Edgewood Center Portsmouth; Michelle Parker; Elaine Mallaber; Med Tibbetts; Chris Lotter; Vern & Jeanne French; Kaitlyn Leahey – magna cum laude graduate MCPHS University;


Devin Schafer, as he has hernia surgery on Thursday, April 21st.


The Holmes family needs prayers for stability and to help deal with this change of life experience.  Joseph Holmes is in the Coast Guard and just received word that he is being discharged for medical reasons.  They are not being fair to his family and do not want to provide health benefits to any of them. 

Lynne Lowell to have her disability be approved.

Thanks for all the prayer requests that have been answered; Emily & Ctibor Sustek and family – traveling to the Czech Republic Saturday, April 23rd; For all those dealing with the aftermath of multiple earthquakes in Japan & Ecuador; Those continually dealing with addiction & recovery & their families; David Hutchins – cancer; Merry, Donald & David for family healing; Tom – trying to sell his house; Celebration – Amy Boesch starts full-time job tomorrow; Happy birthday to Sharon Muffett 4/20/16; Jeanie Wiggin; Praise God! Julie has employment; Julie Dwyer and her son for financial peace; Safe travel home for Marguerite and family; Richard & Diane Lerette – health issues; Carolyn Chick; Jeanne & Vern French; Elaine Mallaber; Claude & Judy Saddler; Ben Combs; Med Tibbetts; Those in Ministry; Brenda Sewall has virus; Eileen Foss – Portsmouth Hospital – possible bypass this week; Michelle Parker – surgery Monday at Lahey Clinic; Jen Ham & Stephanie Marzano; Peace in the world; Prayers for those transitioning to new places in their lives – guidance, loving support, listening; Thanks for the healing prayers, please keep healing prayers coming; Prayers for thanksgiving – the Monarch School of New England will break ground in July for their new school; Thanks to all for cards, support and encouragement for Ben Combs.

Continued prayers as he continues ECT treatment this week;


The family of Theresa Stewart (Kenny Downes' Aunt); The Leahey family – Mark's father passed away Saturday; Charlie Karcher Sr. (91 years old) – many medical problems; Celebration!  Byrnese Knapp is engaged; Ben Combs – in Concord Hospital; Robinson & Smith family; Happy birthday Edna Carr 3/30; Joan; Vern & Jeanne French; Father Dan Sinibaldi; Med Tibbetts; Elaine Mallaber; Happy birthday to Kent Marzoli, Gary Leughmyer and Darrrl Genkinger on Tuesday, March 29; Family of Howard Gleason – he passed away this week; Aileen Orchard – awaiting test results; Felicia Orchard; Norma Jean Spaulding – stage 4 cancer; Those struggling with addiction and their families; Gerry & Bernie Chase; Merry, Donald & David for family healing; Jackie & Scott for safe travel as they move to Florida; Nancy & Don Cyr; Those who are lonely – may they feel God's love today; Peace in the world;


Happy 91st birthday to Gloria Stiles and thanks to her for sharing her birthday flowers around the pulpit; Lisa Russell that she will be able to continue RX to increase immune system; Leo McCluskey family; Prayers of healing for Marie Anderson; David Manning, Billy Manning & Elizabeth Manning as they go through life's unknown transition; Edna & Warren Carr – safe travel back home this week; The family of John Newton – he died in a home invasion in Texas; Dana Copp who is having health issues; Family of Spencer Nelms who lost his battle with cancer; Mary Lane Renninger & family – her mother developed pancreatic cancer; Happy birthday today to Gib Hearn; Thanks to Studleys for donating palms for today; JC Kearney – 14 year old – cancer – not doing well; Happy birthday Jennifer Saucier today; Kelly Hearn & family – Kelly's brother died unexpectedly last week at age 50; Happy birthday Rev. John Blackadar this week; Happy birthday Kevin Lindsay – 50 years young tomorrow; Joan; Vern & Jeanne French; Claude & Judy Saddler; Father Dan Sinibaldi; Med Tibbetts; Elaine & Carl Mallaber; Those struggling with addiction and their families; Merry, Donald & David for family healing; Thanks for Kenny Downs for putting the cross on pulleys & to Kenny & Donna for donating new cloth to adorn the cross; Andrew Clark – that he will recover from cold and get more rest – Lynn Russell's grandson;


Med Tibbetts;

Chris Lotter;

Tim Hill;

Vern & Jeanne French;

Father Dan Sinibaldi;

Joan – healing;

Justin & Lynne Lowell – prayers for business to pick up; Margaret & Jake Rezendes – continued prayers of strength & healing; Matt Smith & Skye; Families of fallen Woodbridge, VA police officers; Spencer Lindsay traveling to UK this week; Debbie Lotter - 3rd round of antibiotics; People on FL panhandle after tornadoes; The depressed and lonely; Judy Saddler's sister Lynda as she tries to find housing in Georgia; Celebration of Julie Wilderman's 45th birthday today; Shasta – dealing with drug addiction; Irene having thyroid cancer surgery Monday; Kathy – COPD & on oxygen;

Celebration: Elsie Elwood, Dawn Nester's Mom, turned 82 on 2/25/16; Don & Nancy Cyr, attended FUMC Rochester while living in NH, Don – end days of COPD; Wyman Ellis – diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this week; Spenser & Robert Rawson – financial issues finding a place to live and remain substance free; Jane – living overseas away from family and feelings of loneliness; Continued prayers for Jim McManus & his wife Sharon; Jeanie Wiggin for healing & guidance; Lisa Routhier – steroid injection this Friday, March 4th; Jonah Routhier – healing after wisdom teeth have been removed; Those dealing with addiction and mental illness and their families; Family of Helen Hutsell;


Prayers and Concerns:

Elaine Mallaber, Med Tibbetts, Vern & Jeanne French, Father Dan Sinibaldi, Tim Hill, Marilyn Berry, Jessica Parker, Raab family, Jacob Correia, McManus family, Bill & Gloria Hartford, Lisa & Jim Russell, Judy Cesati, Frances Molinaro, Catherine Berube, Janet Hilber, Dacia Ramirez, Bernard Patch, Billy Manning, Annette Michaud, Mary Clark, Gloria Stiles, Maxine Brownell, Chris Lotter, Cassandra Routhier, Joseph Routhier, Edna Carr, Sandra Clough, Judy Putnam, Catherine Putnam, Kiah Letourneau, Gail McManus, Jen Ham, Carolyn Chick, Linda Brake, Leonard Gardner & family, Jake Rezendes, David Hutchins, Mitch Lipka


Congratulations & Celebrations:

Kent & Diane Marzoli - 48th anniversary on Dec. 23, Dan & Ann Moynihan - 48th anniversary on Dec. 23, Congratulations Rob Sturtevant – accepted at Keene State College, Seth Jones treatments completed, in remission


Prayers For The Ministry We Support:

We Support Dr. Belinda Forbes & Family